2008 Subaru Outback shakes when stopped

my car recently started shaking when the engine is running but in a full brake stop or in park. what could this be connected to?

What do you mean by that?

Is the Check Engine Light lit-up?
If so, is it on steadily, or is it blinking/flashing?

Sounds like a misfire bad enough to activate the check engine light. If it’s on have the codes read and post them here. If it’s flashing have it towed to a repair shop. Tell us the codes and we may be able to help you to save $ and fix it right.

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Engine miss, idle too low, vacuum leak, or any one of a dozen other causes.

Other than the CEL questions which have been asked I might ask if this came on suddenly or did it go from subtle to bad over time?

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Low compression in one or more cylinders could cause what you’re experiencing as well. Very hard to tell over the interwebz.

A dirty electronic throttle body.

Have someone try cleaning it.


one of my old former Subarus developed a “slight shake” when idling, felt like car goes left/right with frequency matching engine rotation, very annoying… no codes at that time.

I tested compression and it was even between cylinders, replaced spark plugs since I was there… no dice… cleaning throttle plate did not help either…

what helped was a bottle of injector cleaner - idle became even quite fast, so I figured the trouble was the dirt on one of injectors

Does motor have vacuum assist brakes? I have no idea if Subies have power brakes.

Ever since the advent of disc brakes, I think that power assist has been a given on all makes of vehicles.

I think they have a rope with 2 cement blocks that you throw out the window to slow you down.