2008 Sonata

I have a 2008 Hyundai Sonata Limited w/3.3 engine with 41414 miles. I was driving along and the car lost power but the engine kept running at idle. Check engine light came on so I took it to a shop.They said the throttle control showed up bad. The whole throttle control system has to be replaced. This would cost @$450.00 Does this seem right that a car with only 41 thousand miles would need a major part like this replaced? The bumper to bumper warranty ran out in Jan 2013…

What codes did they download from the OBD-II system? You provided their translation of what the codes mean. If you doubt their diagnosis, take it another shop or two and have them check it. And yes, it certainly is possible. Not likely, but parts do fail early like this.

He said the actuator was bad,but they couldn’t replace just the actuator they had to replace the whole control