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2008 Sebring Limited Conv

Unable to find cause for transmission to jerk into gear from 15-40 mph and when turning left, the car makes a groaning noise, similar to when you let off the brakes on a decline. Only when turning left. Both of these things occur sporadically and never when I have a mechanic in the car! The Chrysler computer cannot find anything wrong with the transmission and upon a visual, can’t see any reason for the noise upon a left turn. HELP? Any suggestions. The dealer thinks I am nuts.

I Don’t Think You’re Nuts! It Would Help If I Knew Which engine you have, 2.4L, 2.7L, Or 3.5L.

Do you know if the dealer “flashed” the PCM (Powertrain Control Module)? Some 2007-2008 Sebring convertibles, depending on which engine, have had problems similar to your description. The dealer has access to a Chrysler TSB (Technical Service Bulletin #21-015-08 REV. B) that explains to technicians how to “flash” (selectively erase and reprogram the car’s PCM). There’s even an “Authorized Modification Label” that they install, afterwards.

I’m not sure if they’ve done this or whether or not it specifically applies to your vehicle, but I’d sure check. By the way, do you know which engine is in there?


Hi and thanks for the reply , reassuring me I have not lost my mind. I have a 3.5L engine. I think they did the “flash” thing last March. My last visit was a week ago and do not know if they did this again. Just said they did not see any problem. The L turn noise concerns me because it is in the steering of the car and I sure don’t want any problems with that !! Any ideas? Thanks again!!!