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2008 Scion xD turns off while idling

i bought this preowned scion in 2010. it had 3,000 miles and had no history per carmax. in the last year or so when i am at stop and car is idling, it has turned off. i trust my mechanic, who takes good care of my car and he tells me it may be the engine. says it is not worth fixing once engine light comes on. i would like to hear from other scion owners who have experienced this. car is idling much more now. also what is the best gas to put in scionxd?

First of all I think you need a different mechanic . The check engine light just means you have a problem , not that the engine is dead. Your manual will have the fuel requirement which is probably 87 unleaded with no more than 10 % ethanol . Expect to pay a shop about 125.00 for a diagnostic but that way you can decide what to do - fix or replace.
Also if this thing has a timing belt you are past due on replacing it.


Ask your shop to check the idle rpm. If it isn’t to spec you may have a problematic electronic throttle actuator. If you can obtain the actual engine diagnostic codes and post them here you’ll get some more ideas. How many miles on the car now? How much oil does it use in 1000 miles?