2008 Saturn Vue constantly beeps at me

for the past 2 years (ever since putting in a new battery) my Saturn as been setting off a constant alarm without the presence of the warning symbols on the dash. you know when you leave the keys in the ignition, and open the door and get that annoying klaxon alarm? that’s what my car does all the time. sometimes it goes off by itself, but you usually have to turn off the car and “reboot” it. There are never any warning symbols lit up when it does this, only the alarm. I took it to my mechanic and he said that there was nothing he could do, taking out the fuse for the beeping would somehow disable the car? I will soon take a shotgun to the fuse box if I can’t find out how to take care of this problem. HELP!!!

but you could use the fuse idea to help identify the circuit generating the warning.
by taking out one fuse at a time , when the beeping stops you’ll know which circuit it is to be investigated further.

“Ever since putting in a new battery”.

You may want to read this.


You may want to take the vehicle to the dealer so a factory scanner can be connected to see if the Body Control Module needs reprogramming.