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2008 Saab condenser replacement cost

@phunter, can you get another opinion or two where you live?

VDC driver…I was not “correcting” posters…only stating what the shop told me. From the majority of posts it seemed it MAY be the compressor, hence my questions so I can have all the knowledge I can before asking the shop questions. I was asking for opinions based on some data given , not stating it was an absolute that it was the compressor.

Thank you all for your input. I have another shop that is going to give me a second opinion. You have all given me the info for the right questions to at least start to ask. The “new” shop is not even sure it IS the compressor since my air is working yesterday and today, then will go off again for a few days.

Don’t tell the new shop anything. It’s their job to figure it out, and it’s not rocket science, honest. A good a/c shop should be able to figure this out. And it doesn’t need to be a Saab shop, all a/c systems operate the same way, as others have said.

Thanks texases!

If the A/C is apparently working fine before getting a case of the stupids it’s not likely a compressor problem but either pressure related or electrical. Those 2 can kind of go hand in hand on some problems.

Without knowing if the compressor is actually kicking off and pressures involved it’s near impossible to tell what’s going on with an A/C problem over the internet.

A shop will usually ask what’s wrong? Why are you here? A/c works, does not work. It works sometimes so it has freon. It will flat out not work with NO freon.

Agreed, @Stoveguyy - what I should have said was ‘don’t tell them all the guesses as to what’s wrong’. The OP needs to fully describe the problem he’s having.

Actually I think Tester was right in the first place, the expansion valve could be the problem. You all are thinking clogged expansion valve, but what if the cooling process or system pressure causes the expansion valve to open completely up instead of opening just a little.

The expansion valve may not be very expensive, but the labor could be a killer on this one if the dash has to be completely removed to get to it, like in a Toyota.

I’d also check the compressor clutch relay, a $15 part that takes all of 5 minutes to replace.