2008 Saab 9-5 - Bay area help!

Ned a Saab mechanic i the Bay Area. Have a check engine light on. 175K miles.

I did a quick look on Saab net and there were a bunch of recommended shops including:


Also B&B Saab
JTB Autotech

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The Bay Area is huge so use the online rating sites , ask friends - relatives - coworkers for a shop they have used . There is nothing special about your Saab other than the fact is a discontinued model in the US. I would avoid things like chain stores ( Pep Boys - Firestone - Midas and ones like that ).

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Technically speaking every Saab model is discontinued world wide unfortunately. I’m all for string theory though so there is hope.

Not quite correct. There are service procedures that require Saab compatible software in the scan tool. Not every shop has that.

Additionally, because the car has been orphaned, some repair parts are getting hard to find.