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2008 Pontiac Vibe - Seeking rear glass that opens

I am on my third Pontiac Vibe and since NUMMI is no longer around it will probable be my last. They’re great little cars and the best thing about them other than the 115V plug in the dash is that the rear hatch glass opens independently from the hatch so I can put 12 foot material on the dash out the rear window and still close the hatch. So in the quest for a similar car I started peeking in car windows to try to find a car with struts on the rear glass…with mixed results. I wasn’t able to find any other cars with struts other than a Toyota Matrix. However, I was able to ascertain how quickly people can get out of their cars and confront you for peeking in their windows. So in order to maintain my good health and that hospital stays can be very expensive these days I decided to ask you, what other cars have glass that opens independently from the hatch?

Very Few. But instead of peaking in cars. Use the internet, go to the manufacturers’ websites. The Vibe was a Matrix with minor styling modifications.

What are you hauling that is 12 feet long and how often do you do that. It seems that a good roof rack would make more sense .

No cars that I know of do this, but there are a few SUVs that do.

Which ones would those be?

This one comes to mind

I still want to know what you haul that is 12 feet long and how often you do it because I am nosey.

I’m a union carpenter and I haul boxes of 12 ceiling grid, lumber etc I’ve ever hauled 14’ 2X12’s with a red flag on the end Nothing stops a union carpenter!

The vibe has the radio antenna right in the middle of the roof so a roof rack is asking for trouble I’ve renovated small houses and because I’m too cheap to pay for a dumpster I fold down the seats and haul it all out in the vibe You’d be surprised how much crap you can fit in one of those little cars

True But in retrospect NUMMI was one of the better car collaborations ever conceived

I really don’t understand why you don’t have pickup truck with a roof rack or even a trailer.

Here again the operative word is “ cheap” The vibe of mine gets 37 highway mpg and I don’t haul things all the time But I do put about 30k-35k on it a year and every vibe I’ve owned has gone at least 250k miles They’re great in the snow and get into tight places and who would ever steal a vibe?