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2008 Pontiac GT Something is Leaking AGAIN

On March 1, 2013 I brought my car into the dealer for a Factory Recall (Install Trans Shift Cable Kit). At the time, I mentioned that something seemed to be leaking out of the car because there were stains in driver way. They found that the timing seal was leaking and replaced the seal, balancer and bolt at NC “per DOC 2574535”. I think that might have been under the Power-Train Warranty which is now expired.

Last week, I noticed similar stains in driverway and brought car over to Firestone…since they had just changed oil 2 weeks ago. They got the car up on the lift and called me into the garage to show me two areas under the car that were damp. They said it looked as if a seal was leaking. I showed them the Invoice from dealer least year and they said "bring the car back to the dealer…this looks like the same thing…their work should be warrantied for a year.

I have a call into dealer now. Im very concerned now that the Power-Train Warranty has expired that they will not stand behind their work or that I will eb told the leak is coming from somewhere else. Has anyone had this problem?? I know this can be an expensive job. Thank you!

The leaks could be coming from just about anywhere. Take your vehicle to a good independent mechanic to have your Pontiac GT inspected. I don’t recommend Firestone for mechanical work or any dealership either.

This is a rare case where I think you should return t o the dealer, because the work just might be guaranteed for a year. That would be a separate workmanship warranty unrelated to the manufacturer’s warranty under which the car was originally repaired.

What I’d do is authorize diagnosis only. From that you can ask if necessary if it’ll be covered by the workmanship warranty. Then, if it isn’t, you can take it to an independent from there.

If the repair was made by the dealer under the drivetrain warranty provided by the manufacterer, and if the leak is occuring at the same seal, the repair is covered by the manufacterer.

This is what is called an On-Going Warranty Issue. This means that if the original repair is made under the warranty, and the exact same problem returns after the vehicle goes out of warranty, the manufacterer must cover the repair.


Good point Tester. I forgot about warranties extending beyond the warranty period for these cases.