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Do I trust the dealer mechanic?

Our 2007 Sienna started leaking transmission fluid in March. We took it to the dealer and they charged us $300 to “fix the problem”. They replaced the transmission fluid pan gasket. About six weeks later, it started leaking transmission fluid again, in the same spot on the floor of the garage. When I took the vehicle back to Toyota, they said, that the seal on the axle was leaking and we needed a new seal, for $276 plus tax. They claim the second problem is unrelated to the first and we have to pay the full price for the second repair. Should we accept this story as true? If there are two different problems should they have noticed the second problem when we took it in the first time?

Six weeks of the problem being solved is long enough for it to be a coincidental failure, and if it weren’t leaking at that seal when they had it, they could not foretell it. The only thing I can think of that they may have done to cause such a problem is overfilling the transmission. Check the fluid level periodically, especially after you get the car back from having the transmission worked on. Just because it should be right doesn’t necessarily mean it will be right. If you are uncomfortable with your dealer service department, find a good independent shop to patronize.

What disturbs me is that a four-year-old Toyota is leaking. In the past I’ve owed Toyotas with well over 100k miles, and they didn’t leak a drop. No oil, no coolant, no transmission fluid, no nothing.

I currently have a '97 Acura with 104k miles and NO leaks. Toyotas should not leak after only four years.

How many miles on your Sienna?

As stated, 6 weeks is long enough to be a seperate incident. A 4 year old car should not leak as also stated but all repair shops see new cars on the rack, it happens.

Should you trust the dealer? Most likely but that is entirely between you and them. Everybody here hears a one sided story. Independent shops are just as untrustworthy as dealers.

If it went 6 weeks before leaking and leaving as you have stated then I would say that it’s simply another leak cropping up.

What’s odd is that an '07 Sienna would be leaking anywhere unless there’s a story behind this vehicle. (collision, flood or high water, prior repairs involving the transmission or halfshafts, etc)