2008 Pontiac G6--Remote Key Entry

I own a 2008 Pontiac G6 1SV “Value Leader”. This model is “not equipped” with Remote Key Entry (RKE) and did not come with a Key FOB. However, I noticed that the “security” dash light comes on during the “bulb check” at start-up and read in the manual that this light is only used as a indicator that shows status of security system (on solid vs Blinking). The security system is only activated by RKE. So, why do I have a security indicator if I don’t have the RKE system?? I think you know where this is going!

I think only a small number of G6’s are “value leaders”…most have RKE… Might all the circuit boards, wiring, etc. needed for RKE already be in my car? All you need to do is don’t ship Key FOB’s and say RKE is not installed when maybe all you need is a FOB and programming to activate what is there.(car already has Power Door Locks). Is a board and wiring really missing for factory RKE? Or am I a Key FOB and programming away from adding RKE??



I have noticed on both GM and Ford a “theft” light even if the car is not equiped wiyh a security system.

My F-150 is a example it has a “theft” light but no system. It flashes occasionally,I can’t relate why. The car has never failed to crank.

It was the late 90’s full size pickups from GM that had this mystery “theft” light.

The Cavaliers and Malibus from the same years had the Passlock 2 systems and when their theft light was illuminated they would not crank.

If no one here knows, try a G6-, Pontiac-, or GM-specific board in that order. Someone will have investigated this.

Oldschool, what year is your F-150? It has the flashing LED on top of the dash, but no PATS key?

2004,it looks like a normal key,any thing special I should look for? At the top of cluster,occasionaly it will illumunate “THEFT” but no other activity (starter inhibit,fuel inhibit,horn blowing) It’s not a LED just the word “THEFT” backlit in red.

A friend of mine has the same sort of deal with an '00 Mustang. It DOES have PATS, but no anti-theft hardware. It blinks “Theft” when the ignition is off.

We Have A Dodge Intrepid That Came From The Factory Without RKE.

This was several years ago. The car did have power locks. My Dodge dealer ordered me a kit (Dodge factory parts) which I installed myself. It contained 2 FOBs and a module that had to be plugged into the BCM (body control module). It was easy on this model and the instructions that came with the kit were simple and helpful. I did have to pay a dealer 1/2 hour labor to activate (program) the system. I believe that the price of the kit and dealer labor for activating were together, actually less expensive than the option of ordering RKE on a new car.

Check with your dealer or dealers.

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Oldschool, I believe that your truck has SecurLock keys and PATS. The indicator is supposed to flash every couple of seconds when the switch is in the Off or Lock positions.

It is supposed to glow constantly for a few seconds when things are normal and turned to On.

If in On and it glows continuously or flashes rapidly you have a problem. The key has a chip in it that must be near the lock. The chip in the key is energized and transmits a code the receiver in the car. New keys need to be programmed. I went out and bought a third key for my Merc right away because if you lose the second key, you need a dealer to make a new second. If you have two keys, you can program the third yourself. Keys can be had from a dealer or from web sources.

mr_josh, PATS IS the antitheft system.

My truck definitly has the cluster that says “THEFT”. If a incorrect key is used “engine immobilization” may occur a “no-start” condition may occur (from the manual.

It also says the “THEFT” light should blink once every 2 seconds to show it is activated,it doesn’t

It also says that the indicator will flash rapidly or glow steadily when the ignition is on and there is a problem with the system,it doesn’t.

It’s just a system to prevent a person with the correct mechanicaly cut key but not programned from starting your car.

I don’t have a non-programed key to try,but since I don’t get a “armed” status indicator or a “systen inop” indicator who knows what is going on.

Allow me to hopefully answer correctly. I will refund the fee if wrong!

RKE = Remote Keyless Entry

I do not believe the theft light is used to indicate anything to do with the RKE, but merely to indicate the Transponder based anti theft system is working. The light should go out when all the other indicators do, about 2-3 seconds after turning the key.

Theft Light = presence of one of a number of systems for allowing engine to complete start procedure, but only when all indicators and security devices are in place. Some work with a transponder, some are housed within the vehicle only… some have a hybrid of both active ( transponder ) and passive ( built into the vehicle )

Transponder. You definitely do have this, according to my software reference for virtually all makes years and models of cars.

We use many bibles as do other modern locksmiths to know what is what for every car.

IF you look at your key, just below the molded head, you should see a plus sign, within a circle.

We technical people call this a “circle-plus” key

The PART NUMBER for this is a GMX-100C. Ask your local locksmith if they stock this.

Make sure they have machine vice adapters to properly hold new “Z STYLE” GM keys, some of the best code key machines do not hold this key without a new adapter.

We cut these by code, so the wear on original key is NOT transferred onto the new key. Every key can be an ORIGINAL when done this way.

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Old thread and the OP is probably long gone. The OP is confusing keyless entry with a passive system such as PassLock 2 (I don’t know what GM is using for 2008,which prevents engine start not crank, which I previously incorrectly stated) The OP should look at the RPO Code List for option AU0 (Lock Control:Remote Entry) to see what his equipment status is.

The conclusion that since the car displays a “THEFT” light the car is equipped with a keyless reciver is not valid.