2008 Peugeot 405 - ATF in coolant

What mix ATF in radiator collant

You don’t put ATF ( Automatic Transmission Fluid ) in a radiator . And if you did you need to have a mechanic drain , flush and refill with the proper mix of water and anti freeze.

I think o p mean’s he has ATF entering radiator from bad trans, cooling line’s inside radiator,

Renegade , you might be correct . But this lousy Ask Someone feature gets so many vague questions it is almost impossible to know what they want at times.


Agree I don’t remember near so many vague question’s before the ask someone feature,

Not to mention that the production of the Peugeot 405 ended in 1995.

It seems that they are built even today as CKD kits for Egypt and Iran.

Our 12th ever Peugeot post.

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Going by that number, Peugeots must be extremely reliable. :rofl:
Okay, I’m gonna dig myself a trench now. :fearful:

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  1. What is a “CKD kit”?

  2. What is “ask some one feature”?

  3. I note that the OP, presumably not a native English speaker, speaks English better than I speak any other language.

A web search show that CKD stands for ’ Completely Knocked Down " . That means the parts for something are shipped to another place for assembly .

The ’ Ask Someone ’ is on the main Car Talk page and our over worked monitors have to sort them out and move them to the community page.

Is there ATF in the radiator coolant? If so, an internal leak in the radiator is likely. The ATF is piped to a section in the bottom of the radiator to cool the ATF. If there is mixing of the coolant and the ATF, inside the radiator is where it is happening. You want that fixed quickly to prevent expensive damage to the transmission.

Good luck and please keep us informed.