2008 mitsubishi lancer acting weird lately (please help)

Hello everyone,
i’m not from US so hope you can understand my english.
this is gonna be a bit long… (sorry)
I have a 2008 mitsubishi lancer (the last gen) and lately i have some problems that gets me crazy because not a single garage knows what the problems are.
I will start from the begining, ever since i bought the car i always had a weird noice when cold starting the car, not from the engine, from the exhaust/catalytic converter(not sure where exactly), but only when the car is cold. when its already warm, there is not a single noise.
lately the car started to act wierdly, i was driving with my friends and i was driving pretty fast, you know was having fun, and suddenly the car stopped responding to me, not entirely but i couln’t drive any faster, i pressed the gas pedal all the way and the car didn’t drive any faster, the engine was responding but the car didn’t. then i stopped the car and heared a ticking noise from the catalytic converter (it was cleary from there) and a engine check light tunred on. on the computer it said a “cylinder misfire 3”.
now this is where it gets even wierder, after 2 days, after night work on 6 am, the car didnt start. didnt even tried to start, i mean the starter didnt even made a noise, just nothing happned, but, after a hour, the car sunddely started like nothing happned, a day after it happned again.
now, i still have noises from the exhust/ catalytic converter and the car a bit struggles to drive(not always but very often) and the car starts normally.
I really can’t understand what is happening here. i went to so many garages and no one knows. they only say that the catalytic converter is broken, but i dont belive this is the only thing.

thanks in advance to the helpers.

For the first issue, I’d guess that you have an exhaust restriction (something partially blocking your exhaust) in the catalytic converter or elsewhere. That could be what the garage means when they say the converter is “broken”, as pieces can come loose inside of it.

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yeah that’s what he explained, but could it really be it? because this thing isn’t cheap… and no one wants to take responsibility if everything is ok with my exhaust/ catalytic converter

I supposed to go tomorrow to the garage to replace the catalytic converter, any suggestions before I do that? because this thing isnt cheap and if this thing won’t be the problem so it will be waste of money…
or any suggestion in addition to that?
someone told me that for the second problem, my plugs may be wet, and thats why the car didn’t start that day. (although the car starts now normally as far as i see).