2008 Mercury Sable - Gas drips, CD player jammed

08 Mercury/Ford Sable. Right side gas leak dripping. Can this be a fuel pump? No other issues starting, running or gassing up.

It runs fine. 72k miles. Not happy with the jammed CD player, but that has nothing to do with this gas problem, of course.

They’re saying fuel pump. That sounds like serious $$$.

It needs to be repaired ASAP. Fire and death can result so money doesn’t matter.

It may be the pump, more likely the pipes from the pump. Either way get it fixed or stop driving the car. And park it away from your home until it is repaired.


Michelle40, Can you clarify this post? Are you considering buying a used car that has a fuel leak?

no, i have one with a. gas. leak.

It’s at the shop now. They are looking for a fuel pump.

Wanted to make sure that makes sense. It can run several hundred dollars as I hear it.

OK. Happy to hear it is “at the shop.” Was checking that it was not in a driveway of a seller.

ok, but does a fuel pump make sense in why there would be a gas leak?

It’s running just fine. I’m a musician so i have great ears. I can hear when sonething is wrong.

Unfortunately, with the cost of parts today, and labor exceeding $100 per hour in many locales, several hundred dollars is no longer “serious $$$”

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I’m no expert on the Sable, but from what I can see, the fuel pump is where I’d expect it to be - inside the tank. So if the pump were leaking, the gas would leak right back into the tank, and not on the ground.

I’m more inclined to lean toward @Mustangman’s suspicion that it’s the fuel lines, which are outside of the tank. I’d also inspect the straps that hold the fuel tank on the car - especially if you scrape the bottom of the car on stuff like big speed bumps, those straps can cut into the tank and cause a leak.

I would ask the shop why they think it’s the fuel pump - maybe they know something you don’t, or maybe it’s the lines coming out of the pump (as opposed to the fuel lines that connect to those lines to get the fuel to and from the engine) that are leaking above the tank, and they need to replace the whole assembly to replace them.


did you get a written estimate? will it be a new fuel pump or one from a junked vehicle,
you may want to have a look at the damaged and exchanged parts, do you get a warranty for labor and parts? how did they figure out it’s the pump? write on the work order to have the old parts saved for you
or tape a note on the dash board of your car-if you are interested to see them

from my experience: the mechanic claimed the parts are already in the junk pile,
they will not go through it

can you post a diagram of pump, tank, lines, strap of this model?

The pump assembly includes the lines coming out of the bulkhead where it then transitions to the fuel lines running the length of the car. If the pump assembly lines are leaking, it can run down the fuel lines along the length of the car and drip off at a point much further away from the actual leaking point. I would trust that the mechanics actually looking at the issue can see where it’s leaking from and will fix the problem. If they later say they also found a leak in the lines running the length of the car, ask to see the failed fuel pump assembly and show where it was leaking. If they cannot do that, then they owe some money back on the fuel pump repair…until then, let them do their work and assume the best.