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2008 Mazda Mazda3 rattle

There is a rattling noise coming from the rear underside of my car when going over bumps it sounds metallic. It’s mainly the driver side rear but I’m hearing it from both sides. I’ve so far had the stabilizer bar link and sway bar bushings replaced and a left rear lateral link replacement. But I still hear the rattling.

Check your trunk, anything loose in there?

Thanks for replying. No nothing in the trunk loose. That’s the first thing I checked.

.After reading a couple of mazda 3 forums, people mentioned the metallic noise was caused by broken coil springs that were shifting.Check it out

I would jack it up, and put jack stands under the car. If no jack stands…I’ve seen people drive over a ditch to give them the room to crawl under.
Then crawl under and wiggle or shake anything until I found the noise.

Be sure to give the exhaust a real good shake as well. You won’t break anything!!!
It could also a loose heat shield rattling.
Heat shields are notorious for rotting through where the screws hold it in place. Many times you can fix this with a large fender washer.


Thanks Yosemite I’ll give that a try.