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2008 Mazda Fan Clicking

Yesterday I just started noticing a clicking from my 2008 Mazda 3 sedan’s fan. When the blower is set to “1” it is very quiet and inaudible when on the highway. As the fan speed increased from 1 to 4 the volume and rate of clicking increases. There is no difference with A/C compressor on or off or set to warm or cold. Is it the blower motor? Could pebbles be stuck in the fan?

My repair expertise is almost non-existent (I changed the lightbulbs!) but I want to learn to do more with my car.

Check the cabin air filter. Most likely it’s a leaf or something equally non-hazardous to both you and the car. It’s something purely in the air flow system.

If you really want to learn, head to an auto parts atore, and get a maintenance manual for your car. Haynes is the one I prefer, but lots of people love the Chilton version. Whichever you like is personal preference.