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2008 jeep wrangler wants to be junked!

As title says, I have a 2008 jeep wrangler 6 speed manual transmission. It’s popping/slamming out of first gear and falling out of third. Now when this thing slams out of first gear, it is generally with enough force to actually break you finger if your finger happens to be there. When it falls out of third gear, I usually don’t even notice until I hear the engine rev because it’s fallen into neutral. In both cases, it happens just a split second after letting off the clutch and starting to gas it.
I have taken it to the dealer to be fixed. The first time they replaced the first gear synchronizers. The second time they replaced the boot.
At the time I took it to be fixed (both times),it was just happening with first gear. Now the problem is back with vengeance and I’m pretty sure the guys at the dealer have no idea what’s wrong with it!
Has anyone heard of this issue with the newer jeep transmissions?


My experience has been bad with Chrysler products overall but usually don’t see manual transmissions with problems. This sounds like the gears may be damaged and they don’t want to replace them. I would love to have seen the inside of the transmission when they had it apart for the synchros.

You might also have them check the shift yokes to make sure they aren’t bent.


Oh come on. Ur title makes it sound like the car is falling apart. It’s only ur trans. Do u have warranty? They tore into trans and now there are new issues? Any time mechanic touches a major part like trans or motor, there is a real chance of a screw up. I bet a different trans would fix this issue. They do sell new trans. Have the regional service rep sign off on it.

Your Jeep Isn’t The Only One.

Do you know if the dealer used the latest version of TSBs (Technical Service Bulletin) and the revised parts (repair kit) prescribed to do the latest repair ? TSBs are issued to help technicians with problems that require special service techniques and/or parts.

I concur with Stoveguyy. You should arrange to meet the regional service/parts rep from Chrysler at the dealership along with your vehicle.


I’m Having Trouble Finding The TSB, But . . .

Click this link and you’ll see a discussion and somewhere in there is copy of a TSB for 2007 - 2010 Jeeps that includes Wranglers with manual transmissions that pop out of gear.

Chances are the dealer has tried one or more of the fixes, but who knows if they’ve followed the bulletin(s), used the newest parts, and the newest bulletin revisions ? I’m not sure where the issue stands. That’s why I thinky you should review the whole thing with a rep and the Jeep and the dealer.


The boot?
What boot did they replace?

I think maybe the nuts are running the asylum …

Bad Bearing, It’s Possible, Although Not Likely That A Shift Lever Boot Can Cause A Gear Selection Lever To Not Fully Move Into Position.

Look at the bulletin that I’ve referenced, above. Whether any have been found to interfere that’s another story.