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2008 Infiniti G35x Mods

I want to mod my new g35. any suggestions on good performance chips

Nissan has that engine tuned to the max, I’d be surprised if any (real) gains could be had through chips. You might want to find some G discussion boards, but watch out for chip scammers acting like owners.

Kiss the warranty goodbye.


The OP should check this issue carefully with the dealership and/or Infiniti customer support. To gain–possibly–5% more power at the cost of potential engine damage is not a good bargain, at least IMHO. Then, throw termination of the warranty into the mix and you have the perfect storm for a huge repair bill on a car like this.

I’d wait until the warranty expires.

And I don’t think that there are any mild modifications you can make that would have a positive, noticeable effect. Nissan already gets a lot out of the car, with 306 HP at 268 lb-ft torque. You could get serious improvements with a supercharger or turbocharger, but you really should wait for a few years.

My manager did the exact same thing. Bought a g35 and mod’ed the life out of it. Why? Not a very good car if you bought it and immediately need to modify it is it? Not worth the money in that case. Why not buy a car that has the performance you want?

There are supercharger kit available for the previous gen 350Z, which shares the same engine as your G35, however the power gains may compromise the durability of the AWD system. Furthermore, your car is OBD II, you will not be using a “chip” per se, you would be using a laptop or a hand held tuner to modify the ECU parameters.

Before doing anything, check out this Infiniti G owners’ forum: It covers G35 and G37 sedans and coupes. Many of the contributors have modified their cars. They can tell you what’s worth getting and how it affects your warranty.

A good supercharger deserves a new cam, rods, and pistons. At least. And don’t forget a new hood to accomodate the high rise of the supercharger - or turbo, for that matter. Verrry expensive.

I would add stronger main bearings also. All-in-all, it would be far cheaper to purchase a car that performed in the desired way in the first place.