2008 Hyundai Tucson

I have had this car for 16 months. It’s great except for two noise issues. First, there is a high pitched whistle which is most noticeable when I am in my garage, with the windows open, and turn the car off. The whistle is quite loud and therefore noticeable when the engine stops. Issue number two is a high-pitched throbbing/pulsing hum or whine at 75 mph and above in the area of the front right wheel. Any thoughts would be appreciated. The dealer mechanic is being whiny about having his technicians drive at 75 on the freeway. (Like they don’t drive their own cars that fast.) Also, could they use the equipment that is used to check alignment to check for the whine?

For the pulsing issue I will have them check the wheel balance and also the suspension components. The whistle could be a vacuum leak, is it from the gas tank area or fron of the car?

The whistle is very definitely from somewhere north of the emergency brake handle.

The throbbing/pulsing hum is common when the tires get worn, especially of they were not perfectly balanced to begin with (common in new cars unfortunately). Run your hand lightly over the tire tread and I’ll bet you feel some wear irregularties. If the tread is approaching the wear bars, the pulsating hum would be normal even without abnormal wear.

If the whine is happening when the car is stopped in the garage it positively absolutely is not caused by an alignment problem. Have you opened the hood to see if you can find where the whistle is originating frm?

The throbbing has been there since day 1. I bought the car new. It’s audible only at 70-75mph+

I would look for a vacuum leak. A length of garden hose used like a stethoscope can help you find noises like that.

I would suggest rotating your tyres (front to back and back to front) and see what changes. Any change will pin the problem to the wheels or tyres.

thank you all

The “new” car had been sitting in the lot, so the tires could have developed a flat spot. I agree with rotating the tires. The front is heavier, hence more prone to flat spots and also more sensitive to it.

AHA!! Now THAT makes total sense!
Thank you.