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High pitch whine or hum

I’ve got a 2006 Prius - bought new in 2006.

Yesterday I started to hear a high piched whine or hum from what sounds like the front right side of the car. I hear it when the car reaches about 48-50 mph and seems to increase as you go faster. Once I let off the accelorator the sound slowly goes away.

I know there are a lot of noises from the Prius, but this is one I’ve not heard before.

Any suggestions?

Determining the cause of a noise over the internet requires a very good relation or familarity with the product. I suggest that you make sure this is not a wind noise issue and then also suggest you turn to the Prius forums. I have no idea concerning the normal vrs “abby-normal” noises a Prius makes. Tire noises and wind noises do have components that are not model dependant(all cars have some level of tire noise and wind generated noise) to some degree though.If the noise is not from the tires(inflation issue) and not from the wind you need help from someone familar with the Prius.

Many people simply say “wheel bearing” when presented with the sympton description that you give, I need to hear more before I do that.

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Can you alter the volume or pitch of the sound by turning right and / or left as you would going around a curve in the road or changing lanes (swerving) to pass ?