2008 Honda Odyssey whining noise

2008 Odyssey - sometimes produces loud whining noise
noise will pause when I slightly touch the break and resume when I release the break
or surprisingly will pause when I hit the road bump
link to youtube video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&list=UUbRu-MikirfwOyWs9u- B0P-A&v=JehroxYtMY8

thanks a lot of any advice…

How many miles? Maybe a worn wheel bearing?

Sounds like it could be the brake pad squealers. Touching the brakes is the clue. Have the pads checked.

80K miles
indeed touching the brakes would point to pads/squealers but the sound is whining and high pitch.
If I understand it correctly squealers sound would be more metallic, low , screeching.
I will have the brakes checked anyway today.
and if it was the bearings why would it stop when I touch the brake…

This is your brake pads telling you they are worn out and need to be changed immediately before you any damage to the rotors.