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2008 Honda Odyssey - Transmission

My Check Transmission light came on on my 2098 Honda Odyssey Touring Van. Checked fluid and added some. It comes on after driving for several miles. How serious is this? Should I take it to the dealership?

I would have it checked out. Dealership is up to you, an independent transmission shop, not a chain store, might be better. Check reviews of shops where you live.
Prior to that you could go to a chain auto parts store and see if there are any codes stored.

That is a model with a history of transmission issues. Might be worth checking to see if there is any sort of campaign related to the issue. TSB, recall, or class action settlement. Start here if you want to worry.

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There could be an issue that would damage the transmission if not corrected, so I’d certainly get it checked as quickly as possible. Transmissions are expensive.

The OP must have one of the early 2098 models :grinning:

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