2008 Honda Element -

Aloha Car Talk
Recently, my beloved 1990 Civic Wagon met its ultimate end. I loved its superb economy and functionality. I have many fine memories how well it performed, like the time I drove up to the home appliance outlet to pick up a new refrigerator. The guy asked me where my pickup truck was. I pointed to my little wagon and tipped the fridge into the tailgate and off I went leaving him jaw-dropped on the dock.
I’m a Honda guy so I decided to get the next best boxy car to meet my needs, a used, 2008 Honda Element.
Here is the question.
The car has almost 150,000 miles on it. The suspension is almost gone. It thumps over pot holes and rocks like a rowboat in the surf when taking speed bumps or dips on the road. My mechanic tells me the car is safe, that he will still pass me on my safety check and that I should not pay him the two grand it would cost to put in new struts and springs on such an old car. But the steering wheel is turned about 10 degrees to the right when I’m driving straight. The alignment shop doesn’t want to take my money to set the steering straight because their fix won’t hold with the suspension so loose. The car drives well, does not pull to one side while breaking and I’m hoping to get another 5 years out of it.
Should I put about two thousand bucks into this old box or just drive it into the grave as-is?

P.S. I wish Honda would bring the Fit Wagon to the US. I miss getting 35 MPH in the city even with a full-sized fridge in the back.

Putting 2000.00 into this thing if foolish and buy your description it should not even be on public roads.

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