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2008 Honda CRV- replaced compressor and serp belt, now no heat blowing and overheating

Hi everyone,

The serpentine belt snapped in my 2008 Honda Crv due to my a/c compressor seizing up. I got the a/c compressor replaced and a new serpentine belt installed yesterday. Today, driving it for the first time since the repair, I noticed that the heat is blowing cold air and the car is overheating. Is this something that could be related to the repair just completed? Everything I’ve read mentions the thermostat/water pump with heating issues but I’m taking it back to the mechanic today. Just wanted to check and see if anyone has any thoughts/advice, as I’d like to avoid spending more $ after just putting 1400 into the compressor/belt repair.



Have no idea what might be wrong is but you are doing the right thing by taking it back to the mechanic who did the work.

In the repair instruction it states " Remove the mounting bolts and compressor.
Be careful not to damage the radiator fins when removing the A/C compressor

It is possible to cause a leak during the repair. Before starting the engine again, inspect for leaks and check the coolant level. If there is a leak or the coolant is low, do not drive this vehicle, have it towed.


Thank you for the response and advice. I appreciate it, and will check the coolant and possible leaks before driving. Thanks!