2008 Honda Accord Sdn - AC at top speed

My car doesn’t accelerate well especially when the ac is on. However, at top speed, I don’t notice this. Only when I’m just picking up speed.

Some vehicles shut off the compressor under acceleration. Maybe the shutoff mechanism has failed and your compressor remains running.

Reread your statement, now I see it always accelerates poorly, is this a new phenomenon? Does theCEL illuminate?
With unknown miles on a 13 year old vehicle, it may just be worn out.


How many miles are on your car?
Is your check engine light on? if so do you know the code?
when was the last time you changed the plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter?

I’m the first one to ask what the top speed of this Accord is?

Top speed is probably 100mph when driven off a cliff!

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[quote="old_mopar_guy :
Top speed is probably 100mph when driven off a cliff!

And that would be with a tailwind behind it. :grinning: :laughing:

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About a buck-thirty. Performance is not bad for four cylinder family car of that vintage

At top speed you will not notice a loss of acceleration. All the acceleration possible has already happened!

On many cars, the AC compressor turns off at WOT (Wide Open Throttle.) At top speed your car is at WOT, so you won’t feel the compressor cycle on and off.

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It has been four days with no response from the OP. I don’t think the OP really cares.