My friend thru me under the Honda

Cathy Heath recently called in about gas mileage with the AC verses without. I am the one who didn’t want to turn the AC on, not because I am cheap but because I think it can damage the AC compressor to turn it on when the car is going 90 mph. I didn’t want her to know our speed! Plus i must be right about the keys destroying the ignition…she has 10 lbs of crap on that chain! I think she led you to believe it was less.

PS The puppy was fine!

Thanks Anna

No harm would be done to the compressor, they engage/disengage all the time.

I’m not sure why you think the compressor would be damaged. Honda wouldn’t be able to sell any cars in Germany if that were the case.

Excuse Me. Please . . . That’s Threw, Not Thru !
It’s dumb enough driving 90 MPH, having 10 pounds of crap on one’s key chain, and not knowing how to operate air conditioning. Let’s not dumb everything down.
Sorry, I must try and preserve our language.


Well, somebody had to say it, and CSA beat me to it!