2008 Honda Accord Engine Knocking & Headrest

My wife and I just recently bought a 2008 Honda Accord and have less than 1500 miles on it. The first question I have is whether or not anyone else out there has experienced neck discomfort due to the angle of the headrests on the front seats? The solution which I had already thought of and was suggested by the dealer (to whom I simply wanted to return the car and get my $ back) was to buy a headrest from an '07 Accord and put it in. Also, I could swear that I’ve heard the engine knocking a few times when going up hills. Anyone out there have that experience either? Just curious.

First, as to possible engine knock when driving uphill, whether anyone else has experienced this problem or not, this is something that can lead to serious engine damage if it is allowed to continue. Check the Owner’s Manual for the grade of gas that you should be using. While I assume that all Accords are supposed to run on regular gas, this is just an assumption.

If it turns out that mid-grade or premium gas is specified by the manufacturer, then that is what you need to use in order to avoid engine damage. On the other hand, if you are using the correct octane gas, then the solution to this problem is spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y. The dealer is responsible for eliminating engine knock if you are using the correct gas octane and if they cannot resolve this problem within the number of attempts specified by your state’s Lemon Law, then you can qualify for a settlement. Refer this problem to the dealer’s service department and educate yourself regarding the Lemon Law in your state.

As to the head restraints (they are not head rests), you should be aware that the newest cars have a technology referred to as “Active Head Restraints”. This means that, in the event of a rear collision, the head restraints actually move forward slightly in order to help reduce/eliminate “whiplash” injuries to the head and neck.

Since the '08 Accord is a totally new model, it is very possible/likely that a head restraint from an '07 Accord will not function properly in conjunction with the Active Head Restraint system on the '08 model. Fooling around with a new car’s safety systems is not a good idea, and the salesman who suggested that you do so is…not being very wise. If you install a head restraint that is not compatible with your car’s active head restraint system, you could compromise your safety and the safety of your front seat passenger in the event of a collision.

Below is a link to a website that discusses the proper placement and the proper adjustment of head restraints. It might be helpful to you.
Take a look at:

I have a 2008 Accord Sedan (EX-L model). I have not experienced either issue with mine. I don’t rest my head on the restraint while driving, however.

Your are right–the headrests are VERY uncomfortable. These are supposedly a new/improved type that protect you better in accidents. The only way I can drive comfortably is to put the seat back a notch further than I want (basically, my head is no longer leaning on the headrest).
Also, I, too am experiencing the knocking problem (although I only recently noticed it and I’ve had the car since Nov 07). I thought it was the off-brand gas I used from Sam’s Club (althought 87 octane is supposed to be fine), so I filled up with Shell’s premium–no help. Guess I’ll take it to the dealer!

I know this doesn’t help, but there must be a new regulation in 2008 regarding headrests, this is a common complaint for many different cars, not just Accords.

Has the dealer acknowledged (duplicated and confirmed,took action to correct) a “knocking” condition? If not I don’t think the clock is running on your “lemon Law” satisfaction to this situation. They probably think (and maybe correctly) that you have “buyers remorse” in regards to this car and the “knocking” is just in your head. (no pun intended)