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2008 Accord, airbags and other problems

I have enjoyed driving the Accord and have been pleased with it, mostly, but I now have some concerns. I became aware recently of a class action suit regarding spontaneous premature airbag deployment. We won’t be entitled to anything unless we have an incident and need to have the airbags replaced. It seems that Honda is planning to settle the class action suit but not admit any responsibility, or a recall to fix the problem before there is an incident. From my perspective, in the front seat of the car, a few inches away from a possible explosion, I think that is not right. I have complained to NHTSA, adding my concerns to the list of Accord owners who have already had their airbags explode only to have their insurance company and Honda tell them they are stuck with the repair costs. In addition, we have begun to hear an intermittent rattling sound from somewhere near the drivers side curtain airbag, like a nut or bolt that came loose inside or a huge bug trying to get out. It’s not consistent in duration, does not seem to have anything to do with speed, rpms, radio, open/closed windows, is not due to any papers leaves or bugs that we can see in the car which is extremely clean or under the hood which is also clean and well maintained. I have not found anything via the internet to explain this or suggest a fix. I could use some help with this so I am writing now.

Life’s too short. When I lose confidence in a car, I dump it and move on.