2008 Ford Fusion Water Pump

How do you change a water pump (specifically the belt) on a 2008 Ford Fusion 3.0 V6??

Thank you.

The wiseguy answer: Take it back to the dealer. It’s still under warranty, right?

But you are asking two very different questions. Which is it, the waterpump or the belt (serpentine or timing?)?

Thanks for your reply. I want to know how to take the actual belt off the water pump. There is mow way to loosen the belt.

If you are talking about the serpentine belt that also drives the alternator and power steering pump, there is probably a spring-loaded tensioner that you need to move. (Sorry, I’m not a Ford guy.)

Of course, I have to ask: What problem are you experiencing, and might it be covered by warranty?

Yes, the car is under warranty, but my hard headed dad can’t stand not knowing something about his new car he bought. He actually had to take me and show me. There is a belt and he can’t figure out how to get it back on if it were to break. Thanks a lot for your help.

I haven’t looked at any 2008 Fords lately, but as NYBo has told you, there’s usually a spring loaded idler pulley that tensions the belt. The tensioner is typically rotated off the belt to remove the belt. There’s typically a square hole in the tensioner’s bracket that you slip a ratchet into to rotate the tensioner.

And if you manage to break a serpentine belt, take a picture of it. You’ll never see that happen again.