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2012 Ford Fiesta - Sound Similar to Belt Noise

After driving the car at high speed car is making noise near belt. Sounds like it was coming from belt so sprayed wd 40 on pulley. Noise didnt stop.

Second person in two days to spray WD40 on and around serpentine belt. Don’t do that. The WD in WD40 means Water Displacement.
It could be alternator, water pump, or AC. Your Fiesta uses a “stretch to fit” belt, so there is no tensioner pulley.
One question though, does the sound change with the AC on or off?

I will try that today. I haven’t been using the a/c because it has a leak and needs to be repaired.

Also is water pump easy to change myself?
The alternator I know is easy.

in my area showed a fairly cheap estimate to replace a water pump ($378-450). Have you been loosing coolant? If you’re not loosing coolant I question whether it is the water pump…I don’t really know the Fiesta, but in my 09 Focus, the engine compartment is tight. To take out my water pump (which incidentally didn’t need to be replaced…), I had to take off one of the motor mounts, suspend the engine, and tilt the engine slightly to get the clearance I needed to take the pump out and put it back in.

Would you be able to record this sound and upload? (taking a video with a cellphone, and uploading it on Youtube and linking it here is perfectly fine)

Not losing coolant at all.