2008 Ford F350 - Long waits - Any lawsuits?

I have a 2008 F350 with 73000 Miles it has been at the Ford truck center over a month they think they found the problem last week the TCM they are now waiting for the Part saying it will be available in 4 weeks I spoke to other F350 owners they all said they had issues with PCM/TCM problems Do you know if there is a Civil law suit for the F350 Diesel 6.4 motors

Do a web search. I did one and found that there was a PCM recall for certain diesel models. Check it out at safercar.gov. Enter your VIN and see if your truck is part of the recall. If you have a diesel and aren’t sure whether the recall was performed, call a Ford dealer, give them the VIN, and they will check their database.

I edited the link to the government web site. I originally misspelled “safercar”. They it again.

Seriously? You’re thinking lawsuit over a long wait on a 12 year old truck?

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And a long wait for repair parts during a pandemic? … be patient!

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Yeah things are running a little behind. It took a month to get coffee shipped from Costco and like I said before I think it was 2-3 weeks to get new wiper blades shipped from the GM warehouse somewhere down south. It’s a little harder to be patient though when you really need something.

I don’t think manufacturers are required to provide parts for more than 10 years so I don’t see how a lawsuit is likely.

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