2008 Ford F250 whistles

6.4l powerstroke started up at store yesterday and it started making this really loud whistling noise drove it 20 mi to garage and they couldnt figure where its coming from I drive about a hundred miles a day to work hauling a 20ft 8000 lb trailer,is there concerns I should worry about till I can get it to a real diesel mac

You may have a crack in the intake. Is it an air whistle or a whine whistle sound?

Inspect the downpipe connection. It could be a cracked bellow.

check you CAC air hoses and connections. You may get lucky and it just be that one came loose.

nope garage says 2 broken bolts on exhaust manifold and three stainless filters 2300 dollars

3 stainless filters? What are those?

Perhaps one diesel exhaust particulate filter and two stainless steel band clamps.