F-150 Howling Sound

Recently when under normal acceleration I now get a loud sound until I get to cruise speed or let off the gas. It can best be described as a fog horn sound or very similar to the sound you get when blowing over the lip of an empty beer bottle. It is a constant sound that does not vary in tone with RPM and does not seem to be drive line related but more engine/intake/turbo related in my opinion. It does not happen under very light acceleration, disappears as you get to cruise speed (or let off the gas), and to me does not sound mechanical (no grinding, clicking, banging, rattling sounds).

I wanted to see if anyone here has encounter this issue and see what was the solution.

So what year F150? What engine? How many miles on it?

It’s a 2017, V8, with 60,000 miles

So no turbo.

Is it 4WD?

Yes! it is a 3 Wheel Drive


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Yeah, not 3 wheel drive either… 4 wheel drive.

I’d guess the howl is a front differential or wheel bearing issue rather than an intake howl. Since it is impossible to pinpoint a noise without being there, I’d suggest taking to a good independent auto shop for a diagnosis. Expect to pay for the mechanic’s time.


Fat finger ; 4 Wheel drive

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Check the engine air cleaner, see if it is properly latched shut.

Nevada makes a good point. I’ve heard similar sounds coming from the air-intake path when something has come loose. Or (which is usually the case) I’ve forgotten to tighten a clamp or two after doing a repair. These sorts of sounds can also come from from roof racks, windows not sealing shut completely, and the like. The latter is only related to vehicle speed and wind speed and direction, not engine/trans.

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Check if the air intake hose from the filter housing to the throttle body is secure, and if there’s any damage to the hose.

Those shapes you see on the hose are called branch resonators.

What these do is prevent the hose from making a noise when the incoming air reaches certain velocities.


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I heard a similar sound on my Corolla when the clamp holding the intake resonator (sort of banana shaped on the Corolla) to the main intake path was loose. I think of those things as a place for the storage of a bulk of clean air, ready to go into the engine if a rapid throttle opening is required.

Sometimes I’ll place an obstruction over the carb air intake opening on my truck ( for testing purposes), leaving just a small opening to sustain the needed idle air flow, and will hear a sort of howling sound then too.

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What’s the sound created when the bearings in the drive shaft U joints go bad?

On my truck that is usually is a sort of chirping sound. Often can only be heard when driving next to something that reflects the sound from underneath back to the driver. Cement barrier, van, bus etc. As soon as I hear it I lube the u-joints, so don’t know what it sounds like if left un-lubed for many miles.


Thank you for taking the time to assist. I will look around and let you guys know.