2008 Ford Explorer 4WD mystery

2008 Ford Explorer V6 4-wheel drive shuts off, usually in first 5 or so miles driven. Red wrench light comes on, engine shuts down. It will restart, but a dangerous condition. Have had transmission replaced, including transmission computer module, and now have replaced fuel pump. Still shutting down in first 5 miles or so. Mechanic is stumped.

It maybe the mechanic is not familiar with your vehicle’s drive line. Are you actually talking about four wheel drive ( not to be used on paved roads ) or the factory all wheel drive .

The vehicle has available four wheel drive that can be engaged, but the issue is not about the four wheel drive or the drive line. It is about the vehicle just shutting off completely while driving. After it shuts off, it does re-start, but it is a dangerous situation when it stops in traffic.

After much searching and repeated shut downs in traffic where I was lucky to coast to the side of the road, I left the Explorer with the mechanic. He finally determined that the a power module is the likely culprit, and ordered a new one. I have now been without the vehicle since July 1, and Ford parts has stated that they have a backlog because they can’t get the casing, and can not manufacture the part. Apparently there are a lot of Explorers, and possibly other makes that have this part and have such failures. Ford has also refused to use the casing from the existing part in the car for the repair if the mechanic ships it to them. The vehicle is very dangerous to drive in this condition, as all power goes instantly, leaving me in the middle of the road where I could be rear ended. I have left it at the mechanic’s shop, but am completely without transportation. Most frustrating since I have been dealing with my mother’s hospitalization and subsequent death over the last 6 weeks as well.

Interesting. Reminds me of an issue with my 2005 Ford Explorer where below a certain speed, if the cruise control is engaged, the engine will shut off and I’ll lose power steering as well. I don’t use the cruise control anymore, to my wallet’s detriment.

Appears from what my mechanic is telling me that this has happened to quite a few Explorer owners, enough so that Ford should issue a recall. With my Explorer, it is usually in the first mile or two of driving each day. Have spent a lot of unnecessary money on a new transmission, transmission control computer, new fuel pump system, etc trying to fix the problem, apparently because of defective diagnostics.

Just got letter from Ford stating that: "The original equipment part number for the control module is 6L2Z-12A650-BPBRM. They have a core shortage and… the expected ship date is October-November. This dangerous condition just got much worse. What are those who drive these cars supposed to do for the next four months? HOW MANY WILL BE ON THE ROADS WHERE THEY CAN STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY AND BE REAR ENDED, PERHAPS CAUSING MAJOR CRASHES AND PUSHING THESE STALLED CARS INTO OTHER CARS? Insurance companies, how many of you are going to be paying out how much in insurance claims for these wrecks?

It would be irresponsible to continue driving a vehicle that has this type of problem. Those who are waiting for replacement parks should park their vehicle until it is repaired.

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Agreed, but how many people are in a situation where they must go to work and cannot afford to rent for four months, or cannot even find a rental at a reasonable price? I can see them thinking that if they can be extra careful they can drive it, since it does restart after shutting down. The past two weeks in my area the rental car agencies have been sold out, and the only available rentals are the luxury SUVs.

Update on this problem. Mechanic installed a used control module, then delivered it to the Ford dealer for reprogramming. Apparently still getting error code, so now having to remove the used module. Trying to get a rebuilt one. I have now been fighting these error code issues for over 3 months, have been without vehicle completely since July 1, and have spent over $6,000 in various repairs, not to mention the rental costs for another vehicle. It appears that this particular part may have been in use in other vehicle brands, and others are having the same problems. Why is there not a recall on this part?