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2008 Ford escape

So I was driving in the freeway going about 110/120 km/hr. I was driving my wife’s Ford Escape, and I turned off onto a street, so I started slowing down to come to a red light. But my vehicle was shifting weird… When I was coming to a stop when I hit about 10/15k/hr it finally shifted to 2nd gear. Then once I came to a complete stop, that is when it shifted to 1st gear. Once the light turned green, I got up to the speed limit of 60km/hr and I could feel something weird, so I let my foot off the gas peddle and the vehicle kept the speed. It didn’t start decelering like it should have… It just kept the same speed of 60k/hr. I’m wondering if anyone could give me an idea on what it could possibly be. Thanks everyone

I did a little googling & it seems there is a known problem with that vehicles speed control .

I cant understand what issue you are actually having…aside from possibly triggering the Cruise Control…if that’s even a possibility. The comments about shifting seem actually normal.


I’ve seen this happen on other Ford vehicles. Including on my sisters Explorer.

The problem might be caused by faulty Idle Air Control valve.

These can internally short and cause the IAC valve to move to the wrong position. This then allows too much air into the engine which the O2 sensor see’s and then the computer adds more gas. So the vehicle acts as if the cruise control is turned on.

To check if it’s the IAC valve, get the engine up to operating temperature. While the engine is idling, take the handle of a screwdriver and rap on the IAC valve. If the engine idle speed changes when doing this, replace the IAC valve.


& check to make sure something like the floor mat isn’t interfering with the gas pedal.

Okay so I’ve left it so far and all one day went and started up the vehicle to warm up(-18 C outside) all was good, then I got about four blocks away and I had a horrible burning smell, and came to a stop and smoke was pouring into my vehicle. So I drove back home and shut it off. I didn’t have a high temperature reading or anything. I let it cool down and looked under the hood. I could see bits of oil around the intake manifold. So I started taking off the manifold and throttle body n what not, and it looks like oil was leaking around the intake manifold parts(where the fuel injectors plug into) so I took the fuel rail off of the injectors and some gas got into the intake holes on the block. Should I be worried about the gas getting inside?

I don’t think that amount of gas is a concern, except for fire-wise. Make sure no debris or grit gets into the intake manifold of course, as that could damage the valves.

You may have an intake or valve cover gasket leak. This is somethikng you need someone experienced to diagnose, as it could be a safety issue. Usually what happens is something leaks and oil drips on the hot exhaust manifold, which causes a lot of smoke.

Ya that’s what I experienced. Came to a red light and smoke just poured inside the cab. My wife hopped out in a panic. Lol so I took a closer look and I saw where the oil was spraying out from. I took off the throttle body, plastic intake manifold, and I could see that he oil was seeping past the gaskets. So I went and got a new set of upper and lower intake gaskets and replaced myself. I ended up changing the oil myself too because I was worried about the fuel that leaked into the chambers. Drives fine now, except for my exhaust leak, which I got fixed same time last year… Smh… Maybe that will be a next project when I get the chance.

Did your repair of the oil leak fix the original problem?

Not sure haven’t really drove the SUV since I fixed it. I just got the call today saying my idle air control valve arrived at Napa so I’m going to swap that out too.