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2008 Fit Sport tune up

What should the 105,000 mile tune up cost?

This is one of those almost impossible to answer questions. Too many unknown factors.

  1. Don’t know your location 2. Don’t know who you plan to have do the work 3. Don’t have a manual that has the recommended service chart. 3. What do you consider to be a tune up.

This site has a mechanics file so look at it and you might find one near you. Also plan on paying for a diagnosis before the mechanic does anything.

There is no such thing as a “tune up” anymore. And, how long is a a piece of string??

Check your OWNER’S MANUAL and make a list of those things called for. We can then eyeball in what it might cost. As pointed out a dealer in a large city will charge a lot more than a good independent garage in a small Mid Western town.

On my Toyota, for instance only spark plugs and coolant change as well as transmission fluid change is called for.

Since you are out of warranty you have to decide how long you will keep the car since some of these items are designed to give the car a long life.

The maintenance chart for severe service shows the following for the 105,000 mile service;

Oil change
Engine air filter
Cabin air filter
Tire rotation

If you review your past receipts you should be able to figure out how much these thing cost.

Was Honda using steel timing chains by 2008? If not, the timing belt may be on a 90,000 or 105,000 mile replacement sked.

Everything I can find on the internet for this vehicle points to a chain.
Excellent question, however. If it were mine I’d do a bit of research and find out for sure. If the owners’ manual doesn’t provide a T-belt change interval, it’s a chain.

If that’s all, unlikely to cost more than $500 I’d guess.

Or $1,000 in NYC. Probably much more in Hawaii. :grin:

About $50 if I do it myself. Even though I am old and slow it wouldn’t take me two hours. Where else can I make $225 per hour tax free?

If they are charging $500 for this service at the Honda dealer I’m going to move my tool box Monday.

With today’s car, I don’t see myself paying someone else for the “tune-up”, only on some V6 engines the spark plugs are tricky and I would also rather not deal with coolant recycling. Everything else pretty easy and DIY takes less time than shopping for a good mechanic.

I don’t miss the old cars that needed the real tune up with distributor, carburetor, etc that needed work.

A thorough tune-up (a misnomer) or a major maintenance service should include an inspection and adjustment of valve lash.

That’s one of those sight unseen, no problem until there IS a problem procedures.