Tune up cost question


I have a 2000 Honda CR-V that runs great,and i’m thinking of having a tune-up done. It has 102000 miles and never had a tune-up before. My mechanic quoted $250

He rattled off a list of items that should be done at that mileage.

Does this price sound right?


It sounds relatively reasonable. However if you have not already done this once, budget another $500+ for a new timing belt as your due in time and close to mileage of 105k miles.


Yes. It is easy enough to devise a maintenance list that is a fair $250. Other mechanics add a few extra services and suggest $400 worth of work. All fair prices.


Thanks for the opinion. Next week i’m having the timing belt and water pump changed.


Well, what is the list of things? $250 could be a great deal or pure gouging, but it’s impossible to tell unless we know what is included for that price.