2008 Fit: Can't see anti-freeze level!

I’m trying to check the level of anti-freeze on my 2008 Honda Fit (silver, if that matters). Although I can see the min and max lines, the tank is so deep in the engine, with something like two inches of space between it and the rest of the engine, there’s no way for me to see where the liquid is.

What should I do? If I lift up the car does that give me a better sughtline? A whole lot of effort to see a fluid level!

Thank you for any advice.

Have you tried placing a light (like a “trouble light”) underneath the car?
Illumination coming from below may provide enough contrast for you to see the actual fluid level in the reservoir.

When you take the cap off the overflow, is there a perforated plastic strip attached to it? Many Hondas have this feature. It’s a dipstick for your antifreeze. It’s slightly unusual, but it does work. I’m not sure if the Fit has it, but it’s something to check.

I Hope You Bought This Almost 3 Model-Year Old Car Used And This Is Not The First Time You’ve Checked The Coolant Level Since Buying New.

How does your Owner’s Manual address this problem ? Maybe there is a dipstick.

A little late now, but I have some advice for the future. This is just one of many things I check when purchasing a car. I have to be able open the hood and easily check levels of fluids. I do this weekly.


I have the same “problem” with my wifes 02 Sonata.

When the engine is hot I simply fill the overflow bottle to within an inch of the top. This way the level is very easy to see.

Every Friday when my wife gets home from work I check the level, then wait an hour. If the level has dropped, i know there are no leaks in the cooling system. This is a simple test to catch cooling system leaks early.

87 Ranger, That’s Clever. I Like Your Test. I Too Do The Fluids Ritual, Weekly, In Our Cars.

Over full is not a problem as long as one realizes that if a little coolant is expelled from the overflow when it’s hot that it’s just “extra” and not a leak.


I don’t know exactly what your setup looks like, so maybe this won’t help, but go to http://www.sears.com and search for “inspection mirror”.

Stick it. Use a long wooden dowel. Use it like a dipstick.

Thanks for all the advice. I discovered in desparation that the top of the reservoir unscrews, and the tube in that cap is a good second-rate dipstick. My 2010 Fit is so much easier to see.

How does the owner manual address it? Also have you tried using a bright(LED) flashlight into the liquid to make it clearer?