Help with Reading AT Fluid Level

I know this is a REALLY basic question… but all of the manuals warn me…DO NOT OVERFILL!!! and for me, the red fluid is really hard to see! It isn’t like reading the oil dipstick… nothing seems to cling. Is there a trick? Thanks for any help you can offer… Maggie with a 1988 300Z in North Carolina

No there’s no trick. Clean automatic transmission fluid (what you want) is hard to see on the dipstick. You just have to find the right light to see the pink color.

The important thing is to check the transmission fluid level correctly. I’m assuming you’ve read the owner’s manual and know how to do this.

Take fine sandpaper to the dipstick to make it shinny clean real good.
fluid will show up better

I look at the level on the back (smooth) side of the stick and then turn it over. You have to hold it just right so the light works for you.

I’m assuming you are reading the level with the engine warm, RUNNING at idle, and in Park or neutral with the handbrake on. Reading it with the engine off will give a totally different and incorrect reading.

It should not be too difficult to read the level as per other posters instructions.