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2008 Expedition indicates when to change oil?

No manual.

Friend believes a readout on the speedometer tells when oil change is soon due?


How do I reset it when I change oil?

What is Ford’s recommended change interval?

Thank you.

Google “2008 expedition owners manual” Best bet is to buy one, but I believe you will also find the data on line as well as books.

The owner’s manual for any car is a treasure and every car should have one.

You really should just buy a manual. Otherwise, how else will you know when to do the rest of the maintenance items?


Found the owners manual.

Interesting that the vehicle has a “Change oil” message.
But it does not jive with the change oil stickers which Enterpriose Leasing placed inside the door post.
According to them, the next change is due in 10 miles but no message yet appears.
Oil still looks clean and full.

Thank you, both.