2008 equinox radio

My display on 08 equinox is super simple. The 2nd pic is the display from my 07 torrent. I have found similar pics online that show only the clock in center. The equinox has no lower section that might show the FM stations. Is this it? Almost a blank display on some models?
I did find info that says there is a base radio and a step up model that has “EQ” settings and then my torrent has the pioneer model but I assumed all had similar displays. For FM. I don’t even know if the equinox has a pioneer subwoofer version or if it’s torrent only

Sorry, is there a question here?

I think OP is asking if there’s a way to display the pre-stored FM station ID’s on their 08 Nox. Otherwise the driver either has to remember which button goes with which station, or just guess & press. OP, what happens when you press the “i” at the upper left?

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If you’ve tried all the buttons, then it’s a case of ‘same on the outside, different on the inside’.

Should the mostly blank radio have more displayed info? Can it display more info? Since I have 2 mostly identical cars I assumed they would have similar displays. Car #1 is 94% bare. Pushing “I” does nothing.

The bottom one has a menu button, top one doesn’t. That tells me the bottom one has more options built in.

The top vs bottom displays appear to use a different technique. Easier seen if you magnify the photos. The top uses the 7-segment method, and the bottom uses a dot-pixel method. 7 segments will display any digit of course, but the segments are located in only that position, can’t be moved, and the only segments available are the ones that are designed into the display. The more segments there are, the more complicated the circuitry required to illuminate them. Saves $$$ and power to keep the number of segments to a minimum. The bottom display is capable of displaying anything that can be displayed with an array of dots. Requires more complex circuitry and more power.

It’s pretty weird they made it with an “i” button, but the “i” has no function.

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Information button;


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Maybe I could find another HU.
I did.
P/s motor too

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