2008 Dodge Sprinter 3500

The vehicle has 35,435 miles on it. We use it as a delivery van in Grand Canyon village, where the maximum speed limit is 35 mph. Once a week we drive 50 miles at 45 mph, and once a month we drive 430 miles at 45-65 mph. The continuing problem is the loss of power. It is fueled with biodiesel. We have been told that the van goes through a “re-gen cycle” in which the particulate filter will burn off soot, but that we don’t drive it often enough at a higher tempurature or rpm for the re-gen to occur, so we lose power. We have tried driving the longer routes in D3 and D4 to keep the rpms high, but that does not always prevent power loss. We have tried the remove key/restart test, we had the emissions recall H44 for the engine control module completed in 2010, we change the oil filter regularly. Does anyone in the community have a resolution to this problem? Thank you.

Tell us more about the biodiesel. That is a wide description. How is it processed, and what is the feed stock?

Are you sure that the regen cycle is what’s causing the problem? It could be a weak injection pump, clogged fuel filter (even more likely with biodiesel I think), or something else entirely.