Dodge Sprinter Stalls during Idle

Dear Gentlemen:

We made a decision to purchase a new 2005 Dodge Sprinter 10 passenger van because I knew it will fit many of our needs, and that the vehicle will be very reliable. Since then, our van have stalled more than half a dozen times during idle (at a full stop, on drive), and a times when moving, at less than 35 mph. The vehicle will restart somehow. But recently, it has stalled twice the same day. We have brought to the dealer where we purchased it, and at three other dealers. None of these dealers could duplicate the problem, nor trouble-shoot the error. I was told that it is not registering on the on-board system that such event has occured. I have done my own research, and read posting of the same problem occuring on some other Sprinter van. This is really getting to be annoying, because I’m fraid this may cause an accident, and the Dodge doesn’t seem to be too concerned about this issue we have with our Sprinter van. I’ve read codes mention to forum topics, ranging from P1187, P0100, etc. Could it be a fuel problem. We use the right diesel fuel. Any help or advice will be appreciated. Enjoy reading your articles. Thank you.


How many miles on it? Are you getting the expected mpg?

While you may have a problem finding an independent mechanic with experience with diesel Dodges, it may be worthwhile to do so. Dealers are almost always more expensive than independent shops and overall are not better (or worse).

How long has the fuel filter been in there without being changed? Is it difficult or slow to start sometimes?

If the dealer isn’t getting any codes when they check your vehicle, then giving us random codes from other people’s vehicles isn’t helpful.

When you say it stalls, but restarts somehow, does that mean it’s really a stumble or do you have to turn the key and use the starter to get it running again? You description is a little vague.

Also, have you taken it to an Autozone or other place that will read codes for free? What were the results?

We have a 2005 Sprinter experiencing the same problem. The local Dodge dealer cannot duplicate the problem either. It has happened to us about the same number of times, with 3 times yesterday. We have to put it in Park, turn the ignition key off, then restart the van. What seems to be a common theme with our stalls is this: front and rear A/C on at the same time, low speed, low engine rpm, and a quick release of the accelerator. Here is my theory on what is happening: The mechanical load of the rear A/C compressor and the electrical load of the rear A/C blower without the idle speed being compensated for by the engine software puts more load on the system that it can handle, so it shuts down.

Jeff Herman

Jeff, you’re close to what a Technical Service Bulletin had to say on some carmaker’s (Chevy? Ford? Chrysler?) engine computer. The bulletin addressed instructions the computer had which dealt with lowered voltage caused by high current draw on the electrical system. I think the fix was a update of the engine computer software (car-dealer stuff only).