2008 crv


This is a two-fold question. Do real men drive the new style Honda CRV, and if so, why?

From the research I’ve done it seems like a great value, but 62% of CRVs are owned by women.


If it fits your needs and your comfortable with yourself go for it. If not then there are way too many other vehicle choices out there to fit the niche.


why would you base your choices on that? Why would anyone?

If we all used that as our criteria, the first car that was sold would determine the remainder of the sales for that model. if the first was sold to a male 30 years old living in CA, all the others made would sell only to 30 yr. old males in CA.

62% is a bare majority.


Hmmmm, a British built Honda. Are they really any good?


It looks to me like the bigger issue here is your apparent insecurity regarding your sexuality. Do you remember that old canard–“Real men don’t eat quiche”? In reality, real men don’t care what others think of them or what they eat, or what they drive.

You might want to give that issue some thought, but in the meantime, learn to ignore what others think of you or your choice of car. If you like it, buy it.


Maybe this post is a joke, it certainly is funny enough!


MAYBE 62% of the owners are smart consumers W/O hangups over the kind of car they drive as an affront to their masculinity.


It’s hard to answer your question since there are no public statistices on men who have received therapeutic castrations.

In Asia, where I worked, the CRV is an executive SUV, since its compact size allowed it to be parked in tight spots.

If you worry about the image of your car, rather than its intrinsic qualities, we can’t really help you on this site. Sorry.


Of course we do, you silly boy! If you don’t believe me I’ll just hit you with my purse! My man-purse, that is!