2008 Chevy HHR 2LT Rear Window Defogger

I am not sure, since new, that my RWD has ever worked, the fuse is fine, the light comes on, the lines on the window are not broken. No defogging.

Connections seem good everywhere, any ideas?

Turn to your trusty voltmeter or test light. See if you are getting +12v at the RWD when it is switched on. If not, remove and test the switch.

Incidentally, this switch is more complex than a simple on-off device. It contains a built-in timer as well. Therefore this extra complexity makes it more easy to malfunction.

Check The “Tab” That Is Supposed To Be Supplying Current And Attached To The Grid On The Glass. Sometimes They Come Off.

Do you solder ? They can be resoldered using silver-bearing solder when the glass is not cold. You should clean up the contact area first using some 500 grit paper and Acrysol solvent or equivalent. Protect against dripping hot solder.


I CAN solder but I’m no pro. A quick look makes me think I must take the interior panels to get to this place you describe?

Loctite makes an adhesive for gluing the tabs back on that conducts electricity. (Part #21351) Should be able to find at most parts stores. The tab is normally at the bottom of the grid on one of the sides. It may be covered by a trim piece if you don’t see it. http://www.amazon.com/Permatex-21351-Window-Defogger-Adhesive/dp/B000HBGKWE

Thanks everyone for your help. This weekend I will take this all under advisement.

The light comes on with the button press - I’m wary of taking the dash apart to test that particular item but if it comes to it, so be it. It was rarely used, that’s why I’m so frustrated.