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2008 Chevrolet Equinox rumble in reverse

I have a Chevy Equinox 2008 3.4L Auto Trans. 121k miles.
When I shift into reverse gear, I hear and feel a loud rumbling noise. This occurs only in reverse gear, all other gears shift correctly without issue. I have two “plausible” theories as to what this might be: First, the reverse gear is not fully engaging. Or second, in shifting to reverse gear I reversed time itself back to when Lucifer was cast from heaven and have unintentionally opened a door to hell’s dimension summoning a rage demon to torment my transmission…

What do you guys think the root cause is?

My first thought is Original Sin.

When you shift into reverse, the engine twists in the opposite direction.

If there’s worn engine/tranny mount, it may be opening up an exhaust leak.


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Google to find the TSB for r,3rd, and 5th gears fails to engage. 09-07-30-012F. Caused by broken clutch plate. Might be related. If that’s the problem, ask the dealership if there’s an extended warranty for a broken clutch plate.


Did you not read the title of the post?

rumble in reverse


Yes, I read the post. That’s why I mentioned the TSB affecting R, 3rd, and 5th.

George is probably right with this. The waveplate in these transmissions are notorious for cracking p, and failing. My daughted replaced one in a Acadia this year ( same motor and transmissions ) $4500 later …

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I wouldn’t say I’m right or wrong, just that this is important info for the poster to be aware of.