2008 Chevrolet Equinox - Driver's door is on strike

nothing associated with the driver door works. window wont open, lights don’t go on and radio wont shut off when door is opened.

I suspect the switch that controls the dome light, etc. is bad.

the dome light responds to opening the other 3 doors. nothing connected to the drivers door responds and the drivers window does not work.

I would think there is a break in the wiring harness going in to the door from years of flex when opening and closing the door.

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There’s a switch for each door so a problem with one won’t show up with the others. @Renegade is on the right track with the broken wire.

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any idea what that would cost to get fixed ?

Cost to fix is not going to be a good answer on the web . Your location , the shop you use , the amount of the diagnostic fee , labor time plus what ever parts are needed .

I have no idea VOLVO-V70 pretty well covered it in his comment above.