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2008 Cadillac Escalade ESV - backup lights are on in park

The reverse lights, or backup lights illuminate when I’ve parked the truck and the lights are still on for the auto headlamp function, and they come on when I use the remote to unlock the truck and the lights come on when the alarm is disabled.
They aren’t on when I’m driving and they come on when I have the transmission in reverse and go out when shift from reverse to drive.
It’s very strange, and for me, who did automotive electrical in a shop for three years with Cadillacs being our most frequent customer, and now I’m an electrical contractor with over 30 yrs in the trade, I have to ask for help. Is there an adjustment on the backup light switch like they always had on the steering column on GM cars? These days with the transmission shifter being only an electric switch as is the accelerator pedal, I wouldn’t be surprised if the backup light switch is on the transmission linkage or on the housing somewhere, like my Dodge Magnum has its transmission shifting electric switch, on the topside of the trans pan mounted next to the dipstick tube.

For all I know, maybe that’s the way the backup lights are supposed to work?

I read this twice and I still can’t see where there is a problem .


That’s kinda weird. If you don’t see the problem with backup lights coming on with the running /parking lamps when I park and the auto headlamp switch stays on for 10 or 15 seconds, giving drivers the impression that I’m backing out of the spot I just parked in or when I get in my car and the backup lights are on from the setting to flash the lights on with arming or disarming the alarm and unlocking or locking the vehicle?
I’ve owned lots of vehicles, old, new, American, Foreign, trucks, muscle cars, and never have I ever seen any car that the backup lights come on with the lights when parked and not in reverse, whether the car is running or not.
Maybe it was my poorly written description of the problem