2008 Buick Enclave - Ignition Switch Problem

Car would not shut down when I turned off key. After a few minutes it stopped on it’s on. Did same thing when I tried starting it to leave. Finally took key out and it shut down. Then I tried starting it and it seemed ok. Drove about 95 miles and it shut right off when I tried it. It also started fine. Drove back to my home and when I got there, same thing. I just had to leave it running, jumping sound and it finally shut off. Today I just tried starting it and the car is dead. Nothing lights up or no starting sound. My key will not come out of the ignition. I did get in a hard pouring rain travelling home the afternoon this happened and water was running in over my sun visor and around topside of car. This is a 2008 Buick Enclave. Any clues on what is going on? Than you

I would check out the ignition switch. If water is getting inside the cab check for water in the switch also.

The battery may be dead as well.