2008 BMW 3 Series - MAny issues

As I was driving, my wipers came on by themselves and I had multiple messages come on the display. They were transmission malfunction, DSC malfunction, brake system malfunction, and engine overheating. The radio wouldn’t work while pressing gas. But when I hit the brakes it would come back on. The transmission and brakes were working normally. The engine wasn’t overheating. I did lose engine power then car died. Tried jumping battery(which is only a few months old) and dashboard lights clicking on and off and took a long time to have enough charge to start it. Once started and removed cables, died almost immediately. Tried leaving a jump box hooked up and got about 2-3 blocks at best.

Refer to the similar post about the 1993 Subaru above.

Have your charging system tested by either a BMW dealership or an independent mechanic.

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This is a BMW so if it was mine I would have towed to a BMW dealer and just get ready to put a second mortgage on my house .

Sounds like the alternator has failed.

How long will it be there?

The alternator is about to die, and the car is currently experiencing Voltage Ripples from the failing alternator. If the OP gets the car to his mechanic today, he might be able to avoid a tow when the alternator totally quits.

I expect OP already knows that typing “1993 Subaru” into the forum search feature, then listing by most recent post will turn it up straight-away.

The Op has a 2008 BMW so why would they want to read about a 1993 Subaru .


Those who are from the Car Complaints site that respond via email can’t see the other threads.

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